Body for Life – Day 3

As The Warrior would say, “Embrace the suck” or “You have to love what you hate.”

I think I’m still in the hate stage of doing weight training. Today was the first day of Lower Body Weight Training: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and abs. The one good thing is that there are less categories than Upper Body Weight Training, but I found it MUCH harder. Maybe it’s because I had a full day of work and then taught 2 students afterwards, so I didn’t start my workout until 2104 (9:04 p.m.). I did feel energized afterwards, but oh man…those Barbell Squats made my legs feel so weak (but I guess that’s good!) and I had to get used to the feeling. (Almost clumsily tripped over a bench in the free weight area….)

Dumbbell Lunges weren’t any more enjoyable. I tried to think of what The Warrior would be saying to me if he was there, and I focused either on myself in the mirror or on the heavy 45-pound dumbbell in front of me. I thought that Calves would be a bit easier…but those were tough, too. The last category was abs, and next time I need to try some different exercises. I can see how Floor Crunches would be excellent, but because of the rods in my back (from scoliosis) I am only able to bend my lower back and very upper back. Instead of “feelin’ the burn” in my abdominal muscles, the bottom of my rib cage (and underneath, it seemed) burned and the same happened with Bent Knee Leg Raises. I suppose that isn’t a bad thing in itself, but it doesn’t work the abs. I will try them again, when someone can spot me and make sure I’m doing them right…perhaps I’m not. But I’m pretty sure there are other exercises that would better benefit me for how my body is.

Anyhow, I am kinda tired tonight! I drank some Myoplex protein shake (the ready-to-drink kind in the cartons…wanted to try it out) before and after the workout, and immediately came home and ate dinner. Can’t believe it’s 11:30 p.m. already! Time to wind down and rest up for another day….



One thought on “Body for Life – Day 3

  1. Body-for-LIFE is a powerful journey for your body and mind – we’re excited to hear you’re up for the Challenge! For more tips, advice and support, check out our Body-for-LIFE web site and community boards: We’re rooting for you and look forawrd to reading about your progress! ~Jon @EAS

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