Body for Life – Day 4

Today’s BFL workout was a 20-Minute Aerobics Solution day, and THIS time I made it more challenging. First off, my legs were still very sore from yesterday’s weight training. I have found that the day after doing weight training I am very hungry, so I made sure to have enough food at work to munch on throughout the day. I hardboiled some eggs in the morning so I would have some quality protein as part of my snacks and meals, and I also ate sliced turkey as part of my lunch. I think tomorrow I will bring some tuna also to pair with crackers and the eggs. It’s also important to drink lots of water! I am drinking more than I have in the past, but I don’t think it’s quite enough yet.

Anyhow, I pushed myself up to a 6.5 on the treadmill, using the increased intensity level strategy. I ALMOST broke a 10 on my personal Intensity Level scale but not quite there yet. I think I could’ve pushed myself harder for that second-to-last minute.

The Warrior was encouraging though…I saw him on Facebook and we chatted for a few minutes before he went to bed in the ‘Stan. He asked me “how is embracing the suck coming along?” and I had to laugh. Yep, it hurts, but it “hurts good.” I’m glad you like reading my blog. :)

Tomorrow will be my Free Day, since I have to work in the evening and can’t make it to the gym. Well, to be honest, I COULD make it, since I can come in late (since I’m working late)….but I’ve decided that I should get the extra sleep. It’s a fact that I like to ignore, but getting enough sleep is just as vital as exercising and eating healthily. If we don’t sleep, our bodies can’t repair and rejuvenate themselves properly. (Yes, I need this preached at me A LOT…I like staying up late…which is a problem if you get up early for a job.) So this will work out fine, and I will start back up on Saturday with Upper Body and then Aerobics on Sunday. I don’t even have to drive to the gym on Sunday…I could just run around my neighborhood for the aerobics workout after church! With the BFL layout, Sundays is reserved as the Free Day, but it essentially doesn’t matter which day is free as long as you have a plan.

“He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might He increases strength.” ~Isaiah 40:29

Amen! :)



Let me know your thoughts! :)

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