Body for Life – Day 8

Woo-hoo, I made it through a week of Body for Life!! It feels great…I am SO glad I decided to challenge myself and do this.

Yesterday was the 20-Minute Aerobics Solution day, so I ran around the neighborhood. It’s definitely more challenging for me to run outside, especially when it’s cold. The worst part is phlegm forming in my throat after breathing in the chilly air for awhile and sometimes it almost makes me want to gag…bleh. But when I’d push myself to a Level 8 and 9 Intensity and it was not very enjoyable, I’d think of Afghanistan…and THEN I got the idea to chant a cadence in my head as my feet pounded the pavement: “U.S. Ar-my! U.S. Ar-my!” It seems corny to write it out, but it actually helped me keep going to think that. And after all, the military uses cadences when they’re running! It was a satisfying run.

Today, Day 8, was Lower Body Weight Training, and I will sheepishly admit that I did not feel challenged today. I did not walk away sore like I have every other weight training day. Perhaps it’s because my muscles are beginning to get used to things, but I’m pretty sure I could’ve worked harder…no, I KNOW I could’ve worked harder. I did get a bit exasperated because the gym was really full and I had to change my workout a little bit, or wait to use the weights or machines (can’t wait till these New Year’s Resolution people give up and stop coming! haha). But I can’t blame my lack of not working hard enough on that. Quads were too easy (mostly Leg Presses and then Barbell Squats). Hamstrings were more challenging (probably because they are weaker), with Lying Leg Curls…ouch, yeah, that burned. Angled Calk Raises were too easy, I could have started with a heavier weight….but then the One-Leg Calf Raises were challenging. With the abs, I had issues again. At first, I started with Decline Sit-ups, which are SUPER challenging…but I felt they were working mostly my upper thighs and hardly any of my abs…I did not “feel the burn” there. So I decided to do my old standby, the medicine ball twist exercise (not sure what that’s called) and that is always a great one for me! I finished off with The Plank, and again, that’s a perfect one for me because it takes a lot of effort to keep my lower back and abs flat and avoid sagging. So Sit-Ups and Crunches are out for me, at least as abdominal exercises. Medicine ball twist and The Plank are awesome, but I need to find more because I can’t keep doing the same ones each time. There is a machine that works the abs (can’t remember the name of that), but I’ve found that it’s more challenging to use free weights, so I’ll try to stick to those in general.

Tomorrow will be another Aerobics day! By the time I get back from work it’ll be dark outside, and I get freaked out going around the neighborhood at night by myself (not because of creepy people, because of wild animals)…so I will visit the gym again.



Let me know your thoughts! :)

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