Body for Life – Day 10

Wow, I can hardly believe it: DAY TEN!! It’s amazing what you can accomplish once you decide to just “do it”! :)

Today was an Upper Body Weight day, and most of it was VERY challenging: between an 8 and 9 Intensity Level when I got up to the heavier weights. Doing 12.5 lbs. each arm for 12 reps (Dumbbell Incline Press) was DEFINITELY a challenge; I felt the burn there! That was for the chest zone. (Note: these are generally free weights, unless noted.) Next was the back, and I did Seated Cable Rows, on the weighted machine. Again, using machines tends to induce me to laziness, and although it was “kinda hard” as I noted on my Daily Fitness Assessment, it was not challenging enough. For the shoulders (my weak area) I did Bent-Over Raises with dumbbells (never did those before). When I got to 8 reps at 10 lbs. each arm, I could not get my arms to the proper height, and doing 12 reps at 10 lbs. each (the last set) was very difficult. One possibly negative thing is that the area around my spine hurt/felt stiff afterwards, especially when I lay down on a bench for Incline Dumbbell Curls (biceps). This pain was different than the “good hurt” I usually feel in my muscles. (I’m not mentioning this to complain…I just want to make sure I keep track of my possibly “bad hurting.”) However, I did not let that slow me down in my plan because there’s nothing I can do about it, and I had to work those biceps! ;) I REALLY felt the burn with those curls!! The last exercise was triceps (my second weakest upper body area), and I did Lying Dumbbell Extensions. I felt the burn in my elbows and arms, and by 12.5 lbs. each arm at 6 reps, and then 10 lbs. each arm for 12 reps, I was shaking, and I almost dropped the dumbbells on the very last rep. It was great! I stood up and looked at my arms in the mirror and thought, Wow, I am actually starting to see a LITTLE bit of definition in my arms! They aren’t looking so much like sticks anymore! I felt pretty good about myself, I must say. ;)

I had my last Myoplex shake (gotta buy some protein powder tomorrow) and then came home and ate dinner. Now I am enjoying a glass of red wine, compliments of my brother. (I normally don’t like red too much, but this kind is good!) Wednesdays are long days since I teach 2 students in the evenings directly after work and THEN go to the gym…so I didn’t get home until about 10 p.m. Tomorrow will be another long day because I’m starting a new student, but thankfully tomorrow is a 20-minute aerobics day also.

Still can’t believe I have kept this up for 10 days (including one free day, which is part of the plan). The first step really IS the hardest step, and once you get momentum started it’s actually hard to stop! :)



Let me know your thoughts! :)

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