Body for Life – Day 12

Today was a good Lower Body workout! MUCH better than the previous one. I gave myself a B+ for this session: a “B” because there were moments where I could’ve been more challenged, but a “+” because there were parts that were awesome! Gotta shoot for an A next time! It just occurred to me today to give myself letter grades.

For the Quads, I did Leg Extensions on a machine, but I kept in mind that machines are easier and I already began “feeling the burn” on the second round (10 reps at 25 pounds). For the last round, 12 reps at 40 pounds, I wrote on my assessment “oh yeah!” My follow-up exercise was Leg Presses, at 90 lbs., but even that was easy. I will shoot for over 100 lbs. next time!

Hamstrings: I made myself do the dreaded Dumbbell Lunges! I used the same weights as before, since it was SUPER hard then, but this time it was actually a bit easier! However, after the last 12 rep round, I wrote “Embrace the suck! Hurt good.” I only write that if it was truly painful in a good way and I put myself into it. Follow-up exercise was Lying Leg Curls at 30 lbs., but I could have done 40 or 50 lbs.

For Calves, I did the One-Leg Calf Raises that were EXCRUCIATING the first time I did them, but again: they were easier this time! I think that is proof I am starting to build up more muscle. For Abs, I did the Medicine Ball Twist, and I can definitely use heavier ball weights next time. For the last exercise I decided to try the Bent-Knee Leg Raises, which I thought didn’t work my abs the first time I tried them. However, perhaps I really was doing them wrong, because THIS time I did “feel the burn” in my abdominal muscles! So that one is back on my abs list! :)

It was a great way to end the work week. I was actually feeling quite harried and out-of-sorts as I drove home in Friday rush-hour traffic. Since I’ve been taking the train, I’ve been able to avoid the headache of intense traffic, but this kinda hit me head-on and I just could not feel at peace emotionally. (There is something VERY frustrating about being stuck in your car, at night, with all these red lights around you and you just want to go home!! Or, in my case, go to the gym first!) Once I got there and began working out, my frustration fizzled away and I felt great afterwards. Well, after I finished drinking my new protein shake….I decided to forgo Myoplex for now (since I would’ve had to order it online) and went for another brand. It said it was Peanut Butter Chocolate, and since that is one of my weaknesses (mmm chocolate chips with real peanut butter!) I decided to try it. Gosh I almost wanted to gag! It was gross mixed with water, and I had to hold my breath as I swigged it down in the car. Bleh. Well, as The Warrior would say, all of this is like our own Way of the Cross. To put it in modern terms, Jesus was the ultimate example of “embracing the suck!” Whenever you think YOU have it tough, think of Him…and our deployed soldiers.

Have a great weekend, all!



Let me know your thoughts! :)

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