Body for Life – Days 20, 22 & 23

Trying to finally catch up on blogging again! (Don’t think that because I’m not posting I’m not working out…I am still going faithfully!)

Day 20 was on Sunday and it was absolutely GORGEOUS here, so I ran outside with my dog for 20 minutes. It was like spring, seriously! (As I write this, it’s now pouring down rain.) Day 22 (remember, I took my free day, #21, earlier in the week) was yesterday, and I did Lower Body Weights. I “felt the burn” with Leg Extensions at 35 pounds for 12 reps, but Angled Calf Raises were too easy. Next time I need to use more weight. However, I added on Seated Calf Raises on a machine, at 90 pounds, at it HURT GOOD!! Finally, I did Bent-Knee Leg Raises for my main Abdominal exercise. Goodness those suck! But as I did them I kept thinking, “Honeymoon abs! Honeymoon abs!” ;)

Today was an Aerobics day, so I ran on the treadmill at the gym. Running is such an awesome way to clear one’s mind after sitting at a desk for 8 hours, which can make a person feel quite foggy.

I’d also like do an update with my new diet! This new lifestyle has evolved over the past few days since I started it. At first I was saying I would avoid ALL grains for 30 days, but I felt that my body was not getting enough carbs, so I decided to add in rice along with the potatoes. On Sunday at the family post-church shopping trip, I got rice bread, brown rice pasta, roasted unsalted almonds, and sorghum and flax seed cereal.

As I wrote in my post “The Dietary Cure for Acne – My Experiment,” this began as an experiment to clear up my skin. However, this new plan has had an AWESOME, unintended side benefit: I did not realize just how bad my GI (gastrointestinal) health was until it got better. Almost every day, my tummy would feel really uncomfortable, especially after eating. It was annoying and yucky, but I just dealt with it because I thought perhaps a lot of people at work felt that….I mean, you can’t just “let your air go free” in the office whenever you want!! LOL But after just one day of avoiding gluten, dairy, and sugar (Friday), I realized that my stomach felt remarkably better. And with each day that has passed, it has gotten better and stayed better. My tummy feels lighter and actually looks flatter! I just cannot get over it. I told my grandma and mom the symptoms I’d been having before going on the diet, and they were like, “uuuhh that is not normal.” Also, on Sunday and especially Monday (yesterday), I had another revelation: I was virtually pain-free! I was able to kneel in church and not put my butt on the pew to support my back. My hip did not hurt after sitting at work all day. My neck, while still a bit stiff, did not ache. Not just my stomach, but my whole body felt lighter! It was nearly a miracle to me to be pain-free without using painkillers. I have not felt like this since I-can’t-remember. I have read that people with gluten intolerance will exhibit not only GI symptoms, but sometimes also joint and muscle pains. Sugar is also a pro-inflammatory, so that could explain the pain also.

So I am now singing the praises of a gluten-free, sugar-free diet! I had already been avoiding dairy for the most part, since I already knew I was lactose intolerant, but I have never avoided wheat or gluten. I really craved wheat products on Day 1 every time I got hungry, and it was then I realized that I had been eating it at nearly EVERY SINGLE meal and snack. But now my gut is not gnawing at me anymore and is finally calm. And I’m able to be at work and not feel achy like an old woman. It is AWESOME!!

If these results continue, and even if the new diet doesn’t clear up my skin, I believe that I will stick with a gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free diet for the rest of my life, if this is how good I will feel! Yes, I will be able to cheat sometimes for special occasions, since it’s not like I’ll go into anaphylactic shock or whatever…but in general I will have a new way of eating. It will take some sacrifice and extra planning, but I think after awhile I won’t even miss my old ways. I am pretty happy. :)


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