Body for Life – Day 31

This past week of Body for Life has been a modified version. I am doing physical therapy twice a week for my back (doctor prescribed for up to 6 weeks), and my visits are more like a workout than therapy! So last week on Monday and Thursday, I did not visit the gym because those were my PT days. Yesterday was my 31st official day of BFL, which was Lower Body Weight Training. I started off with the Leg Press Machine, which was much too easy. The highest weight was 90 pounds (12 reps) and I could definitely do more, like in the 100’s. Do more next time!!

Lunges are ALWAYS a great choice for me, and at the final rep set (12.5 pounds each hand) I felt a really good pull in my quads, hamstrings, and glutes! Pretty sure I’m doing that right. :) For the calves, I did Angled Calf Raises, which were not challenging enough, even after adding more weight since the last time I did them. So next time I know to work even harder!! I ended with the awful One-Leg Calf Raises, while holding 17.5 pounds….embrace the suck, yeah!!

For abs, I did the home exercises given to me by the PT people. Good stuff! :)

Upper Body Weights are going well. On Day 30 some of my comments on my sheet were “very good challenge” (Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns) and “excellent challenge” (Seated Dumbbell Press…oh man those were HARD!!), and although I didn’t write anything for these, the Tricep Extensions always challenge me.

On to another week! Looking forward to all the challenges it might bring. :)



Let me know your thoughts! :)

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