Waves of Surrealism

This being an army-wife-to-be blog, I guess I should write about Army things once in awhile! :P

Recently I’ve been experiencing what I call “waves of surrealism.” To be more clear, I get the thought, “Wait, The Warrior is in Afghanistan…he is actually there, right now” and will have this whoa holy crap moment. And then the feeling will pass. However, I’ve been getting that quite frequently, every few days or so. Tonight I stalked his Facebook page for a minute and clicked on one of his AFG photos…it was of him and his team, “dressed up” in their multi-cam, body armor, and Kevlar helmets, proudly holding their weapons like…well, soldiers. I had another one of those holy crap moments looking at that picture…thinking of him all the way over there and me all the way over here…and like, that’s really him in that picture…he is actually in the midst of this war that’s been raging since we were in our early teens. As I write this at 10 PM on Monday night, it’s 8:30 AM on Tuesday morning in Afghanistan. (It’s also 3 degrees there, as opposed to 50 here!)

But then, there are moments that seem fairly normal, like when he calls me. I get an incoming call on my iPhone, with his special creeper sci-fi ringtone so I know it’s him, and his picture pops up. I answer and it’s usually just as clear as receiving a domestic call. (Although, what is not so normal is receiving a call from him at 2:30 AM and being asked in a chipper voice, “So what are you doing right now?” “Sleeping,” I answer, trying to not sound groggy. LOL…but in all seriousness, I am happy to hear from him at ANY time!)

We are into a usual routine: I’ve learned when he’s usually on Facebook during my work week, so I will sign onto my FB app periodically during that time frame and check his online status. It is THE MOST exciting thing to see that little green dot light up next to his name!! :D About twice a week (if I happen to catch him), we chat online, and about once a week he’ll call me. Then we usually get to video Skype once on the weekend. This will vary…sometimes I go almost a week without talking to or hearing directly from him. Then, the only way I know that he’s okay is if I see him “liking” things or posting FB statuses. Even those little things give me great reassurance.

Another thing that has kept us connected is my daily letters. Each day as I ride public transportation or eat lunch, I write to him. Not an e-mail, not a FB message…but a real, handwritten letter, something he can actually hold that I was once holding. (There’s another “wave of surrealism”: sending a little piece of paper across the ocean into a war zone and he actually receives it.) Sometimes I send a card, and sometimes it’s just simple, thin notebook paper. I always decorate the outside of the envelope with hearts and “I love you!” and patriotic stickers…and hopefully the guys don’t make fun of him. ;) I also make sure to number each envelope: since mail call only happens once or so a week, he gets a bunch at a time, so ideally he’ll read them in order. Our facilities tech guy, who collects the mail, and a few other co-workers have gotten used to seeing The Warrior’s letter sitting in the floor’s mail bin (right by my desk) every morning and will occasionally say, “Awww that’s so sweet!” I just love the idea that he is getting something at EVERY mail call. Getting mail is a BIG deal for our soldiers! This is a fairly new endeavor, so I just wrote him Letter #32, and now that I’ve started I definitely cannot stop! It’s like I’m getting to spend a few precious moments with him as I write, when he has all my attention, when all I’m thinking about is him.

Well, obviously I don’t have anything interesting or profound to say about the daily grind of deployment. Other Army wives/fiancees/girlfriends will be able to relate. It’s those beautiful little things that add a brightness to our days! Even though nothing of exciting significance was said in our phone conversation today, I came back to my desk with my face glowing…I got to talk to him, hear his voice, and he’s okay! He’s still living, breathing, watched the SuperBowl early on his Monday morning, was able to call me today, even though it was very late there and I’m sure he was totally exhausted!! That is AWESOME. Thank you Mr. Bell for inventing the telephone. I probably don’t tell The Warrior enough how much I love getting calls from him, but they really are the highlight of my week. :D

P.S. If my hero is reading this right now…I love you.



Let me know your thoughts! :)

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