Body for Life: Day 38

As I told The Warrior earlier today, things are going “okay” with Body for Life. Not as perfectly as I’d ideally like it, due to schedule complications, traveling over the weekend, and *blush* forgetting to pack my shorts with the rest of my workout clothes (that was yesterday).

But enough excuses: today I got back into the swing of things, despite battling a migraine for most of the day. I felt slightly weaker at the gym, as evidenced by my arms shaking more than usual, but my head actually felt better after working out! (Looking at this bright computer screen is aggravating, though.) Today was Upper Body Weights. I usually start with Chest exercises, but since the free weights section was unusually crowded for a Wednesday night (everyone was working off that post-Valentine’s Day sugar, I guess!) I did Back exercises first. I did assisted Pull-Ups followed with Seated Cable Rows. The former was “almost challenging enough” as I noted on my sheet, so next time I will use less weight to assist myself. With the latter, I used TOO much weight (45 pounds at 12 reps), so much so that I had poor form, so next time I’ll try 40 pounds.

I went back to the free weights section after that, and thankfully it had cleared out enough that I was able to grab an adjustable bench. First I did Dumbbell Flyes, working up to 15 pounds each arm, and finishing off with 12.5 each arm at 12 reps. I had to concentrate on having good control, but next time I can do more weight. As the secondary Chest exercise, I did Dumbbell Incline Press. That was okay, not quite challenging enough.

Shoulders were next, and I did Reverse Flyes first…man do I hate those things!! Mostly because I’m bad at them and they’re hard. :P At the heaviest weight, 12.5 pounds per arm, I was not able to lift them to the proper height…my shoulders still are pretty weak. The secondary exercise was Seated Dumbbell Press.

Biceps followed, and I did Hammer Curls and Barbell Curls. I didn’t take any notes for these, but I can DEFINITELY do more weights for both next time. By this time was when my arms were feeling shaky. I finished with Triceps, doing Extensions (my favorite Triceps exercise) and Bench Dips (my LEAST favorite!). The Extensions were still a challenge (heaviest weight at 12.5 pounds) but I feel I’m almost to the next level. I’m thinking that maybe I need to start changing around the order of my categories. By the time I get to Triceps, I’m almost out of steam! So maybe it was a good accident that I had to start with the Back first. Even though each category targets specific muscle groups, it’s not like you’re working JUST those muscles…the others do something as well, and by the time you’re at the end, you are more tired than the beginning (duh!). So next time I’ll put Triceps closer to the beginning and see how much I can be challenged.

Okay, it’s time to eat dinner…Sloppy Joes with my homemade sorghum-rice flour bread, potatoes, and salad. Yum! :)


Let me know your thoughts! :)

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