Body for Life – Days 43 and 45

I will confess up front: I fell off the BFL bandwagon for 11 days and finally picked myself up Friday (3/2). Yes, this makes me sound like a MAJOR slacker and I am not proud of it. I will say, however, that the past couple weeks have been very busy: because of my 3 side-jobs (private teaching, music gigs, and stuffing envelopes) in addition to my 40/hour/week job, I’ve been working late into the night…yes, finishing around midnight or even 1 AM has been the norm. This resulted in lack of sleep, and last weekend it really caught up with me and I ended up having severe back pain and a fever. But I still bemoaned to my mom the other day how I have “failed” by not being able to fit in working out also. I oftentimes succumb to the “Super Woman” mindset…military spouses are supposed to “do it all” and then some, right?? After all, our soldier is halfway around the world, never knowing when the enemy might strike, doing dangerous missions, and being on-guard even while sleeping. He is far from home, away from everyone he loves, and is being changed by facing death, destruction, and high-octane stress every single day. But yet he is still able to command his soldiers, to get the job done correctly, and will even stay up late to Skype. He is being Super Man, doing things that we can’t even fathom…so how can we be any less than Super Woman?

This is the dilemma I’ve faced more than once during this deployment, and it hurts to admit that I’ve been unable to “do it all.” My first priority is to make as much money as I can while he’s gone (which will continue even after he comes back), so that I can pay down my debt quickly and we can get married. So when I’m faced with lots of money-making commitments, working out gets the short end of the stick, unfortunately….but not unfortunately for my income!

Anyhow, I needed to explain why I have been absent from BFL for so long before continuing with my normal posting. When I’ve figured out how to have more than 24 hours in a day (or get less sleep without it negatively affecting me), I will definitely let you all know!!

On Friday, I did Upper Body Weights: in a nutshell, I did Dumbbell Bench Press and Dumbbell Flyes for the chest; Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns and Seated Cable Rows for the back, Seated Dumbbell Press and Front Raises for the shoulders, Dumbbell Curls and Hammer Curls for biceps, and Extensions and Lying Tricep Presses for triceps. I felt a little slower in doing the exercises than before, but that was explainable since I hadn’t done this for awhile. The hardest exercise was the Seated Dumbbell Press (figures, since shoulders have been my weak spot). Extensions were also a good challenge.

On Saturday, I took a run outside in the beautiful weather we’ve been having! Then today, I did Lower Body Weights: Dumbbell Squats and Leg Extensions for the quads (good challenge), Dumbbell Lunges and Straight-Leg Deadlifts for hamstrings (lunges are always a good choice for me!), One-Leg Calf Raises and Angled Calf Raises, and the Medicine Ball Twist and Bent-Knee Leg Raises for abs. DF suggested today to do abs every workout, so I’m going to start doing that…it’s a good idea especially for me, since it will help strengthen my lower back against its problems AND I hate doing abs.

So the plan for tomorrow, after work and teaching, is to go for a run and do abs.

Here’s to a great week!!



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