Military Mondays – A Primer

So I had an idea pop into my head a couple weeks ago: why don’t I do a “Military Mondays” post every Monday? Then I will be “forced” to write a blog post dedicated to military-related subjects…not that I need encouraging on that point, but if I were a reader of this blog, I’d find it interesting. My main topic will be posting military resources that would be particularly helpful for military wives, parents, families, and friends, to help us embrace the military life and to learn how to support our soldier better.

So I’ll start out with what I’ve found to be the “primer” for beginning life as an Army wife. All women who are dating a soldier should read this, and if you’re engaged you definitely NEED to read this even before saying “I do.” Because once you say “I do” and the honeymoon is over, you’re gonna have to tackle ALL this stuff!!

The title of this informative document is called “Welcome to the Army Family” and is linked from Military One Source.

I’ve heard friends talk about all the things they had to get changed after they married: driver’s license, credit cards, bank accounts, Social Security card, etc. But when you’re “marrying the military” there is a slew of other things you must do in addition to all that, such as getting enrolled in DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) which you MUST have in order to access/enroll in all other military programs, such as TriCare (health care), getting a dependent ID card, etc.

The handbook also addresses how your soldier’s pay and allowances work, PCSing (Permanent Change of Station), housing, FRG’s (Family Readiness Groups), children’s issues, and other everyday things (like shopping at the commissary). Some of it is self-explanatory, but it’s nice to have all this information in one place. Best part about it? The list of basic acronyms in the back…our own personal cheat-sheet. ;)


Let me know your thoughts! :)

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