Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior

When I pass professional men on the street as I walk to work, I sometimes try to picture The Warrior in their shoes, literally: running around in a crisp white shirt, a silky tie, and a perfectly pressed suit, carrying a leather briefcase and worrying about that PowerPoint slide for the board meeting.

But I never can. Instead, I see a tan t-shirt, camouflage, worn combat boots, and a patrol cap. And instead of carrying a briefcase, he’s carrying a weapon and wondering if he will take fire from the Taliban before the day is done.

He will forever be a warrior, even when he’s retired. He has a warrior spirit, and I love that about him. In the more than two years that we’ve been together, only once have I seen him in a suit, and while I appreciate the professional type of look, it does not quite fit him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing businessmen – back in the day, my dad had to wear a suit and tie to work every single day and that was “the daddy look.” That was him and I can’t imagine anything else.

But it’s not The Warrior. ACU’s are not glamorous or sleek, but the uniform holds such a deep symbolism and meaning: heroes wear camouflage.

Falling in love with a soldier is not the proverbial Prince-Charming-and-white-horse deal. It’s more like Conan-the-Barbarian-driving-a-Humvee style…and I wouldn’t have it any other way! :)

DF doing last-minute prepping of his bags before leaving for the ‘Stan.

(This picture can also serve as a lesson in OPSEC/PERSEC – Operational Security and Personal Security. I have blurred out the unit patch on his sleeve, as well as all the lettering on his bags. If his name and rank had been visible, I would’ve blurred those out, too. You don’t know who is watching.)


2 thoughts on “Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior

  1. Hey There! I loved reading this :) Every word of this is so true! I’m a military girlfriend and I love that my soldier isn’t just a soldier in the military sense, but he looks at life in such a way that truly inspires me. And ever since I started getting to know him I can pick out someone in the military from a mile away! It’s that determination in their demeanor, just a look and a feel you get from them that I’m beginning to find comforting. Every day when we skype I see that tan t-shirt and without realizing it, that became our normal! I was looking at some older pictures of him wearing an orange t-shirt and he looked so different, almost like a whole different person!
    And that is a very good demonstration of OPSEC! I’m relatively new to the military scene and I found it really hard to adjusting to OPSEC guidelines in the beginning, but I’m learning more and understanding them more with time.
    -Jessie <3

  2. Hi Jessie! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! Your soldier sounds like a true warrior as well. :) I know that even after mine is out of the military, whether it’s after just a few years or after an entire career, that he will forever be a soldier at heart and a warrior, a protector, a defender of freedom.
    Yep, OPSEC is so important! Sometimes I think I might be over-careful, but it’s better than being lazy. You never know who is reading.

    Come back again! :)

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