Military Monday-A Day Late

This is my first post from my phone! WordPress has a nifty, free app and since I splurged on a new iPhone 4S recently, which is so much faster than my old phone, I decided to try this out as I ride home on the train!

I wanted to share with my readers one of my favorite military wife resources ever: the Army Wife Network. I forget how I found them, but they have already proven to be invaluable. I am obsessed with their weekly online radio program, called Army Wife Talk Radio. It airs live on Monday nights at 7pm Central and lasts till about 8:30. During the live show there’s also a chat room to interact with the AWN staff and other listeners. The shows can be downloaded for free from iTunes if you miss the show live (which is what I’ve mostly been doing). They have already given me several practical ideas on what to do for a job (or jobs) after getting married and moving all around with the Army. That will be one of my biggest challenges, but I am confident I will make it work. When we have kids, I want to homeschool them, so a full-time career won’t always be part of my life…but now that I’ve had a career for 3 years, I also can’t imagine not working in some capacity. Being busy and productive is my MO! :)

My other favorite part of AWN is their blog, Loving a Soldier, and the exciting thing about that is I am now part of their blogging team! :) My first post can be found here: I will post at least once a month and am scheduled for the 14th of every month, so please keep LAS in your “Favorites”! You will notice that I use my real first name with them, so I will start doing that here as well. In my posts with them I will be referring to “DF” as “The Warrior,” so I’ll start doing that here as well, to keep things consistent. (Sometimes I also worry that new readers wonder what DF stands for! I will eventually go through all my posts and change it. And why don’t I use his real name? I guess because I still have a healthy dose of paranoia about OPSEC stuff.)

Resources such as the Army Wife Network should be in every military spouse’s back pocket. They won’t do all the work for you, but they can be an incredible diving board into tackling the tough stuff of military life, such as PCSing, finding a job, and surviving deployment. I invite everyone to check them out!


Let me know your thoughts! :)

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