MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #2

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another Friday Fill-in!  There are no new questions posted at Wife of a Sailor, so since I’m new at this, I decided to go back to her posts from last year and use those questions.  (Her post can be found here.)

1. The first thing I think of when I get up in the morning is: “I wish I could press ‘snooze’ one more time!!!”  I absolutely HATE mornings.  I’ve been getting up before 7AM for a year and a half for this job now (because I have a longish commute), and I have not gotten used to it yet.  My body is biologically wired to be a night owl, and so is The Warrior’s.  (So I guess our future kids have a good chance of being night owls, too??)

2. Lately, I’ve been craving anything with wheat in it because I guess I keep letting myself get too hungry, and then I’m so hungry I’ll eat ANYTHING, even if it makes my tummy feel bad.  When I volunteered at the USO the other evening, I didn’t eat dinner beforehand…and when we brought out cinnamon rolls as a birthday celebration for our team leader, I caved and had half a bun because I was so starving…and then half a slice of pizza.  It was GOOD (temporarily).

3. Whenever anyone says the word homevideo  it reminds me of my childhood because we took inordinate amounts of homevideo growing up and it was SO much fun!  I loved being in front of the camera and now I love watching footage from the good ol’ days. :)

4. The happiest word I know is LOVE, but I think many people do not understand fully what it means.

5. My fiance may hate it, but I absolutely love the movie series “Anne of Green Gables.”  Yes, I am SO over my dress-like-a-prairie-girl phase, but those movies (and books) will always be a favorite from my childhood.  It is just such a sweet, romantic story!

This weekend will feel weird because I won’t be with The Warrior.  He wasn’t sure of his schedule this weekend because he’s finishing up his first week with the new unit, so it looks like we won’t be seeing each other.  :(  BUT I will say that I am very, very thankful for the past five weekends we have been together!  :)

At the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit a couple weeks ago! Pretty awesome!


Let me know your thoughts! :)

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