Military Mondays: Labor Day Edition

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve updated here…I’ve missed writing but this past week flew by and got a bit hairy at times.  One lesson I learned the hard way is to keep better records.  Especially as a future military wife that will have to oftentimes think for two (while The Warrior is away on training or deployment), I need to be fanatical about staying organized.  I am proud to say that this past week, I reorganized my file box, bought a small fireproof safe for important documents, and created a back-up system should I misplace any of those important documents.  I can definitely say that The Warrior is more organized and neat than me (which came as pleasant surprise since all the males in my immediate family are quite messy), and while I’m not a slob, I can and will do better.

So that was my military-related lesson for the week.  The Warrior was also here for the long Labor Day weekend, so it was nice to be together for four whole days!  What a novelty. :)  One thing I really treasure about our time together are the in-depth conversations we have about the future and about our lives.  This evening at dinner before he left, we talked about his military career and all the options he has.  I won’t discuss them in detail here, but one thing that came across really strongly to me in that conversation was how good of a dad he wants to be.  He has some excellent ideas on child-rearing (many of them stemming from how he was raised), and he wants to be there for the kids as much as possible, even though the military makes that a huge challenge at times.  I know that I’ll have to do some single-parenting, as all military wives have to do, but I am up for the sacrifice.  It will be far from an ideal family life, but what makes it worth it are the ideals The Warrior is fighting for (and what the entire family will be fighting for, by supporting him).

So on this Labor Day, I am thankful for the work that both The Warrior and I have to do in our lives.  Tomorrow, he will start 10 days of special training at his post, and tomorrow, I will start my new position in sales (same organization as before).  I also have another volunteer spot at the USO one evening and will be trained in how to run the United Through Reading program.  It will be a busy but fulfilling week!

Enjoying chocolate pudding at a Turkish restaurant together.


My handsome soldier :)


Let me know your thoughts! :)

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