This Busy Life

Another week down!  And this has been a BUSY week.

Last Saturday, I took a ladies beginner handgun class with two of my friends from work, and it was so much fun!  There were only eight of us in the class, so we each got personal attention and tips from our instructor, and I feel SO much more comfortable now with handling a firearm.  For all of you who are familiar with weaponry, we practiced mostly with a Glock 17, and a little bit with a Smith & Wesson “38 Special.”  I personally felt more comfortable with the latter….the Glock felt too big for my hand and the kick-back was a little much for me.  My friends and I are looking forward to going back to the range ourselves and practicing. : )

On Sunday I felt super-efficient: went to Mass at 0830, followed by Turbo Kickboxing class at the gym.  That kickboxing is a full-body workout!  The next morning, I got up at 0530 for a gym workout before heading to the office.  That is a disgusting, ungodly hour, but I’ve found that doing this is actually energizing and gives an extra kick to my day.  I taught my new violin student after work and then came home to work on envelope addressing projects….until after 0400.

Yes, you read that right: I was working until after 4AM.  By the time I got in bed, it was 0430….so I had been up for 23 hours straight and then got only 2 hours of sleep.  It was necessary to stop at a convenience store on the way to work to buy 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength so I could actually be cohesive.  The day went pretty well, actually: I made almost 50 cold calls to potential clients, and even though I’m new at it I thought it was fine (especially considering how little sleep I had gotten!).  I was supposed to volunteer at the USO for 3 hours that night, until 2200, but around lunchtime I called my team leader and said that I just couldn’t come in….I desperately needed my sleep that night and also didn’t want to drive home at that late hour with so little sleep.  I had envelopes to do again that night, and then got almost 7 hours of sleep.  Whew.

Today I realized this is the break-down of my working life:

45 hours = at the office (includes mandatory 1 hour lunch break each day, and sometimes I use that time to work on envelopes)

2.5 hours = teaching

c. 17 hours = envelope projects (sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on how many projects I have)

PLUS I spend about 2.5 hours per day commuting for my office job….which equals 12.5 hours of driving per week.  So if you add my time spent at work and time spent commuting so that I can work, it adds up to 77 hours/week.  Plus, I volunteer at the USO for 3 hours once a week and once or twice a month I have a music gig (each one is usually about 1.5 hours long, plus commute).  So on those weeks that I have a gig, I could be working/commuting over 80 hours.

With sleeping more on the weekends, I probably get about 50 hours/week.  Not bad.  That leaves 38 hours for doing other stuff, which averages about 5.5 hours/day.  But it doesn’t feel like I have that much free time!!  How come I can hardly find time to write if I have all this free time?  Seriously, I could be managing my time better and be getting more stuff done.

I feel like the only time I can let myself totally relax is when I’m with The Warrior, because I want to spend quality time with him.  One of our favorite things to do is laze (is that a word?) around and watch movies, and it does not feel like a waste of time…but I would NEVER do that by myself.  (Whenever I watch TV or movies, I’m working on envelopes.)  Even while writing this I feel like other things are calling my name….like putting away laundry or cleaning my bathroom.  Life is too short to not be productive!

Okay, with that said, it’s time to work on envelopes for a couple hours…. : )


Let me know your thoughts! :)

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