Military Mondays: Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving week, y’all!

The main reason why I am actually getting around to writing this post is because I took a partial sick day from work today.  I have been battling a head cold/sinus infection for the past several days and it has really knocked me down.  What seemed to have started it all was on the evening of my birthday last week, I went to the ER with the most SEVERE stomach pains (which included losing that delicious lunch I’d eaten at El Fenix with my co-workers….).  I was worried it was appendicitis, but thankfully it wasn’t that.  Except now I have to take Prilosec for the time being…I thought only old people took that!!  Is this what happens when one nears 30??  (I turned 26.)

But after the stomach bout, my body just seemed to want to take a break from everything, so it went into sick mode and this is day 5 of feeling not 100%.  I don’t have time for this, doesn’t my body know that?!  The doctor told me to slow down, get more sleep, and stop drinking caffeine….but I pleaded with him and said, “But I have a lot of student debt!  I have to do this!”  As if he wouldn’t understand student loans….anyhow, I have been forced to slow down these past few days.  And with Thanksgiving coming up and paid time off, I should have plenty of time to get back to my normal, fast-paced self this week.  My consolation: this crazy, paying-off-debt phase is only temporary!  I can handle it…after all, I’m going to be an army wife, and we can handle all sorts of craptastic things!

I wanted to do a post last week for Veterans Day – but of course other pressing things (like work) took up my time.  However, I think Veterans Day and Thanksgiving go hand-in-hand.  There are no words to describe how proud I am of and thankful for The Warrior.  One year ago, he had been in Afghanistan for just a few days.  He was adjusting to life over there, while the rest of us carried on.  He celebrated Thanksgiving away from his family for the first time, a Skype video call on the holiday being the closest thing to celebrating with his loved ones.  Only after he came back and I reflected on those 5 months did I realize just how hard it was.  I’m trying to figure out whether his second deployment, whenever that is, will be easier or harder than the first: easier because I have experience in “handling it,” but harder because I know what to expect.  But for now, I’m so thankful he is safe.  He will be going home to be with his family, and it will be the first time his family – parents, him, and twin brother – will be all together for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) since 2009.  I am so happy for them!  Military life is rough enough on a family if you have just one child in the service, but with two (and your only two to boot) – that is something no one can comprehend unless you have gone through it yourself.

I wanted to reference a few things for this Military Monday.  First of all, I haven’t shared the last 3 months of my posts with Loving a Soldier – Army Wife Network!  Here they are:

September – Street Smarts for Women

October – Separations and Self-Improvement

November – To Thank a Soldier

Also, back in June I blogged about how I had the privilege of seeing the taping of From The Top’s show featuring military children (Music and the Military).  In October, the show aired on the radio, and you can access info about the show HERE.

Also, I had to embed this here: General Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, singing Frank Sinatra.  It was a class-act!


It’s always a great day to thank a veteran, even if it’s not Veterans Day.  So THANK YOU to all our troops (and especially mine!) who serve and protect our country!



Let me know your thoughts! :)

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