Military Mondays: Military Saves Week 2013

Now THIS is an exciting prospect: combining my love for the military and personal finances in one blog post, because it is Military Saves Week!  From February 25 – March 2, the organization Military Saves is doing a big push for personal financial responsibility by encouraging military families to “build wealth, not debt.”

This is AWESOME!  Financial readiness contributes in a huge way to mission readiness.  Having financial problems at home during deployment = not focusing on the mission at hand, which puts lives at risk.  Even while a soldier is in garrison, money woes wreak havoc on his marriage and his work life, whether on staff or in the field.  Thus, being financially fit is of utmost importance to military servicemembers and their families.

I desire one day to be a financial counselor for military families.  I see that there is a need in this area, and I want to fulfill it because I have personally experienced what it’s like to be in deep debt.  I know what it means to sacrifice, both as an Army-wife-to-be and as a debtor.  I have begun the process of climbing out of the hole instead of digging myself deeper.  Sometimes I have to really fight to get out of the hole, and I want to help other military families in their journey of fighting for their financial lives.  But for now, I will write on this blog, sharing what works and what doesn’t, sharing my victories big and small….because one day in the foreseeable future, I will be debt free!  The Warrior and I will build wealth and have promised ourselves that we will never go into debt again.  (The exception to that is the mortgage, since it that is unavoidable for most people.  But that doesn’t mean go get a huge house just because you can “afford the payments!”)  Student loans for our kids?  Nope.  Car liens?  No way.  As Dave Ramsey says, your greatest wealth-building tool is your income – and when your dollars doesn’t have Sallie Mae and Master Card’s names on them, you can do whatever you want!

Here are several resources to check out: – sign up and take the pledge to save, pay off debt, and build your wealth!

Military Saves graphic

If you’re on Pinterest, check out the Veterans United contest to win cool prizes that will encourage you on your debt-free journey!

                                                                                                                                                     Source: via Malori on Pinterest

Dave Ramsey offers a Financial Peace University course tailored specifically for the military:

Follow @MilitarySaves on Twitter and share your financial story!

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2 thoughts on “Military Mondays: Military Saves Week 2013

  1. Thanks for posting a link to our pinterest contest! We have gotten a lot of great entries but people still have til Wednesday to enter!

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