Define the Dream?

Jon Acuff has become one of my favorite motivational writers and speakers. A few years ago he joined the Dave Ramsey team, and just a couple weeks ago I heard Jon speak live at the “5 Club”, which is when he gathers other motivated people together at 5 AM to work on their dream and career development. I also recently read his book Quitter and am eagerly awaiting his new book Start in April.

His blog is another great resource for boosts of energy in running the race of life, and he always has something though-provoking to point out. Monday’s post (click HERE) applies to me in such a huge way because I’m the type of person that tries to define “the dream.” I am a planner. I want to have every detail on paper and I hate erasing. I want to know what I’m doing tomorrow, next week, next fall, next year. I want to take our wedding budget and have a dollar amount written out for every single item – now. Heck, I’d even like to know how many kids we’ll have and what their genders will be so we can decide on what they will be named. (There’s lots of great names out there, you know, so it is a big deal to pick the perfect ones!) It’s easy for me to try locking in my dreams, because then life would be SO much more predictable and easier to handle!

But then, if I actually tried doing all this, I would make a horrible military wife. You can’t do this in civilian life, so you certainly can’t do this in military life. A person’s dream has to be fluid. You can and should have ideals to reach for and principles upon which to build, but to lock yourself in and throw away the key – well, you might as well ask for failure to be delivered to you on a silver platter. Perfection is elusive and will never be caught, at least in this world.

So, as Jon says, go out there and just be awesome!




Let me know your thoughts! :)

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