Military Mondays: Our Story, Part II

For the first installment, click HERE.

One Wednesday at work, things were slow.  During a break, I was washing my hands in the bathroom when I suddenly I felt this prompting that told me, Go to the Ave Maria Singles site and do an online search – now.  It seemed totally random, especially since I hadn’t been on the site for about two weeks.  I wanted a guy to contact me – wasn’t that the chivalrous, gentlemanly way?  But for some reason, I needed to do a search now.  I went back to my desk, logged into my account, and did a Texas-only search with the parameters I usually chose.  Of course, many names were pulled up, and I scrolled down the first page.

Nothing to get excited about.

Second page, yeah probably nothing again.  Whatever.

Wait a second –

Halfway down the second page, my eye was caught by a particular profile but there was no logical explanation as to why it caught my eye.  Frankly, his profile picture wasn’t that great: he seemed happy but he was too far away and was wearing sunglasses.  And his answers to the preview questions weren’t extraordinary or different from the other guys.  But for some reason, I just had to click and learn more about this dude.

I could say that I am a military officer, college graduate, champion athlete, martial artist, musician and overall awesome guy but that wouldn’t even begin to describe who I really am.  That’s just describing what I have done in a big headed way. ;)

That was his introduction on his profile page, and his almost-egotistical humor made me smile.  I kept on reading:

In all seriousness, I am a servant of God who is seeking a woman that is passionate about her Catholic faith.  I am in search of a good Catholic woman I can grow in holiness with.

I read through the rest of his profile quickly and I was blown away by everything he wrote.  He sounded like an amazing young man!  But I had to pull myself away and get back to work, so I saved his profile as a contact and resolved to read about him more carefully that evening.

I read through his profile about three times that night, and he was so intriguing.  I wanted to get to know him more, but I had to act against my ideals and be the one to send him a message.  After all, there was a chance he would never see my profile!  So I wrote a friendly, bubbly introduction and asked if he would be interested in corresponding.

As I got ready for bed, I told myself, Now Malori, don’t get your hopes up.  His profile is so amazing, wouldn’t every girl on AMS be interested in him?  He’s probably already talking to another girl.  Just be realistic and don’t expect much.  That was March 24, 2010 – exactly one month since taking a leap of faith and posting my profile again.

The very next day, I received a text notification that I had a message from him!  When I got home from work, I checked my account and there it was….and he said yes, he would like very much to correspond!  I could barely believe it, but we wrote back and forth many times via the AMS e-mail system.  (He did ask, right away, if we could talk on Facebook or Skype, but I found that just a little bit creeper-ish and said I wanted to wait.)  A couple weeks later, the day after Easter, we talked on the phone for the first time and our conversation lasted almost two hours!  I found his Wisconsin/Chicago attractive and we spoke about deep, philosophical topics that I kept thinking about for days later.

Finally, the day came for us to meet in person: Sunday, April 11, which happened to be Divine Mercy Sunday.  We decided to meet at the Olive Garden in my hometown, and I was flattered that he was driving 3 hours just to meet me for a midday lunch!  He was taking a huge risk: what if he was disappointed with me, or vice versa?  I got there early and my nervousness was absolutely harrowing.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat!!  I anxiously watched the doors.

And there he was, opening the door, walking in with a military-style stride and a confidence that filled the room.  That had to be him!  He took off his sunglasses, smiling, as we said hello.  There was a moment of awkwardness: shaking hands was too formal, so we quickly hugged before going to our table.  As we conversed, my nervousness wore off and I was, surprisingly, able to eat fairly easily.  But it wasn’t so much the food I savored.  It was wonderful to finally be in his presence, speaking face-to-face, seeing his gestures, facial expressions, and infectious smile.

After our date, he came over to the house and met my family (a brave move on his part!).  I had made German chocolate cupcakes to share (his favorite dessert) and he told me, “This is the best German chocolate cake I’ve ever had!”  He stayed until 10pm, later than I’d expected…and when saying good-bye he expressed interest in coming back.  I felt truly blessed and couldn’t wait to see him again.


Return on Thursday, April 11 (three years since our first date!) for the temporary conclusion of this series…because, of course, our story is still being written. :)

Then and Now :)


Let me know your thoughts! :)

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