I’m Running My First 10K!

It is official: I am going to be running my first 10K on June 9th, to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and the Fisher House!  My brother and dad will be running it with me.  For more information about the race and my personal reasons for running it, please see my 2013 Wounded Warrior 10K page.  It is there that you can also fill out a form to get in contact with me if you would like to make a donation toward our team goal of $1,000.  (That is, if you don’t know me personally.  If you DO know me personally, you will probably be receiving a personal invitation to donate! ;)  So you don’t have to make a mad dash for your wallet just yet.)

Since the only race I’ve done is a 5K (and frankly, I don’t enjoy running for the sake of running), I’m taking steps to train and be ready for June 9th.  I will be sure to share my thoughts and training experiences here!

Again, please visit THIS link to find out more about the fundraiser! :)


QOTD 4-10-13


Let me know your thoughts! :)

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