Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

MilSpouse Appreciation

At Wife of a Sailor, she is hosting a “link-up” for Military Spouse Appreciation Day!  Head over there to read her blog and find links to other fantastic military wives’ blogs.

I first want to give a shout-out and huge THANK YOU to military spouses today across all branches, and also to all those who are married to retired veterans.  You are the vital glue of the military, and it is amazing to see all the wonderful ways in which you support your servicemembers.  Your praises are left unsung much of the time, and your bravery and strength are oftentimes underestimated.  Today is all about you, so take time to celebrate each other and your accomplishments!  I cannot wait to join the ranks of “military wife” along with you.

So while I am not yet a spouse, I am on my way to becoming one next spring!  Right now, however, I stand beside you all as a proud Army fiancee.  The Warrior and I met online 3 years ago, and after just a few months of in-person dating, we knew that each other was “the one.”  In December 2010 he proposed (on one knee and I said yes!), and last year he completed his first deployment, in Afghanistan.  It was pretty rough at times, but it gave me a good taste of what military wives go through.  He has been back for one year and is getting ready to be deployed again.  While this tour of duty will be longer than the first one, I am looking forward to again keeping busy and accomplishing many important things such as paying off more student loans and PLANNING OUR WEDDING!  We have much to look forward to and I will be counting the days until he gets back and we are married.

Happy Mil-Spouse Appreciation Day!



6 thoughts on “Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

  1. I planned our wedding while my husband was deployed. It helped the time go faster and since we had minimal communication since he was underwater for most of it, I got to make the decisions:) And we also met online and were engaged a few months later. I’ve never regretted it! It’s been a wild ride but so worth it. So hang on and enjoy the ride!

  2. Thanks everyone! @Poekitten, that is neat! A couple days ago at pre-D training he was able to get online to chat on FB, and he was like “You should put together a PowerPoint on the wedding planning process.” Lol such an Army thing to say….but I am excited about getting started nonetheless. :) @WifeofaSailor, thanks for hosting the link-up! I need to participate in the Friday Fill-Ins more regularly!

    • Thanks for stopping by! :) I’m trying to get more into the mil-blogging community….it’s a great way to find support and friends when you’re not living near the installation! Yes, I am really looking forward to wedding planning during this deployment, and so is he. :)


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