Military Mondays: Fond Memories, Exciting Future

This year will be one filled with a lot of “lasts.”  The last time to celebrate Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with my maiden name.  The last year to teach my students.  The last time to go on a summer road trip with my family.  The last chances to do fun things around the Dallas area and to see my sister to perform violin in recitals.  Today, as I sat outside with her, my mom, and my grandma eating snow cones, she said, “It sounds like you’re dying!”


I had to laugh because it did sound like that.  And in a way, I will be dying – to my current way of life when I become an Army wife….and I am so excited!

That doesn’t mean I won’t miss things.  I will always keep fond memories of my time in Texas and with my family very close.  But it is almost time to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next one, and honestly, I have been longing (yes, DYING) to turn the page.  I have to give The Warrior major props, because he has been SO much more patient than me.  He has been able to see the big picture, which is why we have waited “so long” to get married.  But it has been the best route and I know our future is that much brighter because of his insistence of being deliberate and detail-oriented.

Today, I thought it would be fun to outline 10 things I will miss, and at the same time, 10 things I am REALLY looking forward to:


1) My family – parents, brothers, sister, and relatives in the north Texas area

2) The greatest state in the union, TEXAS!  And my hometown, pretty much the best city in Texas. :)

3) Seeing longhorn cattle as I drive along the road

4) Celebrating every holiday and birthday with said family and relatives

5) My co-workers and friends

6) Tex-Mex food

7) Being a delegate to the district and state GOP conventions

8) Texas/southern culture

9) Getting under my sister’s skin by acting annoying

10) Nice amenities in the area: my church, gym, upscale grocery stores, etc.



1) Being The Warrior’s wife!!! :)

2) Moving all over the country and hopefully the world

3) Getting more plugged in to the military life

4) Paying off my debt and living a debt-free life with The Warrior

5) Not being 3 hours away from The Warrior

6) Having little warriors – I mean, kids ;)

7) Cooking for and creating a home(s) with The Warrior – basically, being the HH6 (Household 6)

8) Making awesome Army wife friends

9) Escaping the awful Texas heat

10) Serving my country as a military wife :)

I love seeing that huge grin of his...can't wait to marry this guy :)

I love seeing that huge grin of his…can’t wait to marry this awesome guy :)

The things I’m looking forward to definitely outshine anything sad that I might experience.  Feelings of sentimentality are normal and okay, but it is important to not let them be overpowering.  There will be challenges in the Army life, but I can’t wait to face life head-on with The Warrior!  We have a wonderful future ahead of us.  :)



Let me know your thoughts! :)

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