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Happy MaloriHey reader!  Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!  It is my hope that:

1) I can encourage other military wives/fiancees/girlfriends in their journey – you are not alone!  I “get it!”

2) I can educate civilians about what it is our military servicemembers and families do and sacrifice.  (And trust me, I am still educating myself!)

3) I can give real-life advice to others (both military and civilian) about how to achieve financial peace by paying off debt and building wealth.

4) I can share, to the best of my ability, the love that the Lord has put in my heart for Him and for others.  Life is precious!

I began this blog in January 2012, in the middle of Mark’s first deployment to Afghanistan.  However, I have been writing ever since I learned how.  I’ve kept a journal since I was 7 years old, I “published” a book when I was 12 as part of a homeschool project, and I’ve started multiple blogs since high school.  (Thankfully I’ve learned what is okay and not okay to write about publicly!)  Writing makes me feel fulfilled and organized, and it helps me make sense of this crazy life as a brand-new military wife.

I am 26 years old and a native Dallasite.  I lived in north Texas for my entire life until I went to college in Baltimore, Maryland to pursue what I thought was “my dream” at music conservatory.  In 2009 I graduated, moved back home to Texas because I landed an office job, and started paying off my six-figure student loans.  Unfortunately, back then I was merely mediocre.  I paid the minimum payments but didn’t even keep a balanced checkbook.  I was frugal but didn’t know exactly where all my money went.  I got into a routine of work, gym (sometimes), a Fox News and Untold Stories of the ER addiction, sleep, and repeat.  I’d occasionally attend political and pro-life events, but I didn’t really have a social life outside my family and relatives.  I was just living life…I guess.

And then along came Mark.  (You can read more about us at The Happy Couple!)  He challenged me to think outside the box and to examine who I could become and what I could accomplish.  He challenged me to switch from average to amazing with my debt payoff (even though I silently didn’t believe him at first).  He challenged me to meet life head-on with purpose and passion.  He helped me to see the deeper meaning behind life’s hardships and to appreciate all my blessings.  But most importantly of all, he taught me how to love, and I am still learning and growing every single day.

Me and My Warrior


4 thoughts on “About the Blog

    • Hi Amy, thanks for visiting my blog! And that’s neat you used to be in Dallas! :) It’s crazy to think that in about a year I won’t be living here anymore, but I am SO ready to start Army wife life. :) I will be following your blog too!

  1. Hey, I’m a fellow Starter. Found your blog & thought I would say hi, because my husband is in the Navy, and we’ve been through the deployment thing too. I added your blog to my feeder & look forward to reading more about your adventures!

  2. Hi Katie! It’s awesome to meet another military wife #Starter! Thanks for stopping by. I have seen your posts on Facebook about “Life at the Dahl House” and I think that is a really clever, neat title! I will stop by “your place” soon too. :)

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